Thursday, 20 December 2007

Physio report

Visited the physio today. She was brilliant - very down-to-earth but also very knowledgable and passionate about her job.

She backed up my theory that my knee is slightly mal-aligned and not tracking properly, causing some irritation and swelling. She used ultrasound, electric current and accupuncture to help bring the swelling down. She then looked at my muscle length and balance. Seems I have a more developed right quad than my left one and it also seems (and this was no shock) that I have very poor flexibility in both legs. So I have to start strectching properly. I have promised a 3 X 10 minute stretch of all the major leg muscles. She then taped up my knee in a better alignment and sent me on my way.

I have to go back next Thursday (27th) and am not allowed to run between now and then. I have also agreed not to cycle as this may exacerbate the problem. The only down-side to all of this (apart from not running for a week!) is that I'll miss the Chevin Chase race on Boxing Day. I am gutted about this. She did think that the Thames Path Ultra in a month is still possible. I imagine I'll have to think very carefully about the training and recovery for this one.

Overall I am pleased with the consultation today. I have been really worried all week that I have some kind of irreversible problem and that this is the beginning of the end of my running. A little meladramatic I know, but when something is that important to the quality of your life then it becomes very precious.

What this injury has done is remind me that I need to listen more carefully to my body and to learn to stretch.

Will probably be a bit quiet on the blog for a few days now with no running and Christmas nearly upon us. So Merry Christmas to all those kind souls who keep up-to-date with the training! I'll post again when something interesting happens (like I can run again!)


John Kynaston said...

Good to read you have been given good advice and help from your physio. I hope you recover quickly but don't rush it! As I mentioned before I don't think I quite appreciated how much we put our bodies through on these ultra races. It is really important to allow our bodies to rest after such a big effort.

Phil Robertson said...

Hi John

Thanks John. Yes you're right, it is a huge demand on the body. I will certainly listen to my body a lot more after the London ultra in Jan (if I make it). It's hard though, because I felt so good a couple of days later. Having had this knee thing and doing a bit of research though has been a timely reminder that I need to treat recovery and preparation with much more respect.


Paul said...

Hi Phil,

It seems that your trip to the physio was very fruitful, good to get such positive advice. Don't worry about the enforced rest, you are well up on schedule for the WHW race IMHO!

So take it easy, enjoy Christmas, and I look forward to reading of more training runs in the dark on the Chevin, perhaps without falling over!

Best wishes for a very happy running new year!