Thursday, 27 December 2007

Physio update 2

Back to the physio today for a good pummeling! She seemed to be pleased with the progress. She worked on loosening my IT band, lower back and hamstrings. She worked on the knee and finally taped it into a better alignment.

I have been told that I can try small amounts of cycling and running provided I stop as soon as I feel any pain. Went for a short cycle tonight down to the rugby fields and ran 200m across them. It was hard to feel what was going on in my knee as it is heavily taped and has been battered arounf today, but I'm pretty sure there was no rubbing or pain. Fingers crossed!

It was interesting talking to the physio today. She explained that most runners have a lateral quadracep bias - the outer quads being more developed than the inner quads and the hamstrings being even further developed. All this places a strain on the knee and can bring (and has done in my case!) the knee out of alignment. To try and combat this I have been given a number of stretches and strengthening exercises to do inculding sqats, leg raises, and IT band looseners. I have done my sets for today along with the other stretches and I have to say I am already feeling more supple. I think I may even have touched my toed momentarily tonight in a standing position - something which hasn't been achieved for about 20 years! I am going to keep the stretching up now and really start listening to the body (honest!). It's a perfect New Year's resolution.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year.

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