Saturday, 15 December 2007

Interim Training Plan

I have been thinking hard about how to both recover from the Rotherham 50 at the same time as prepare for the Thames Path 50. I have come up with the following tentative and flexible programme:

Things to consider are: top of right foot (still painful) and left knee (overuse, I think)

Week commencing: 15th December
Sat: 10m
Sun 15m
Mon: Rest
Tuesday: 7m
Wednesday: 4m
Thursday: 7m
Friday: Rest

(mileage = 43)

Week commencing: 22nd December
Sat: 15m
Sun: 25m
Mon: 6m
Christmas Day: Rest!
Boxing Day: 7m trail race
Thursday: 7m
Friday: Rest

(mileage = 60m)

Week commencing: 29th December
Sat: 10m
Sun: 30m
Mon: Rest
Tue: 7m
Wed: 4m
Thur: 7m
Fri: Rest

(mileage = 58m)

Week commencing: 5th January (Taper Week 1)
Sat: 10m
Sun: 10m
Mon: Rest
Tue: 6m
Wed: Rest
Thur: 6m
Fri: Rest

(mileage = 32m)

Week commencing: 12th January (Taper Week 2)
Sat: 3m
Sun: 6m
Mon: Rest
Tue: 4m
Wed: Rest
Thur: 1m
Fri: Rest

(mileage = 14m)

Week commencing: 19th January (Race Week)
Sat: 50m Trail Race
Sun: 1m walk
Mon: 20m (cycle)
Tues: gentle 6m
Wed: Rest
Thur: gentle 6m
Fri: Rest

(mileage = 62m (run), 21m (cross))

It's a plan!

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