Thursday, 6 December 2007

Last post before the 50!

Haven't run since Tuesday as I have wanted to rest and very busy etc. Will run once more tomorrow, 2 miles or something just to loosen the legs.

Bought some energy bars and gels today and the traditional new pair of socks!

Looked at the Wainright style maps of the route today which Henry Marston has provided on his website for the race - they are superb!

Full of nervous anticipation now as this will be my biggest run so far by a long way. The weather is forecast to be 6C, 15mph wind and heavy rain on Saturday which sounds rather unpleasant, but I suppose it could be worse (Winter Hill fell race running through ice puddles along the top for 2 miles springs to mind!)

Setting off tomorrow at 8pm with Paul to stay in Sheffield overnight then on to Wath for a 7a.m start. Depending on how much pain I'm in, I may be able to send a quick post from my mobile en route!

See you Saturday night for a full report!

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John Kynaston said...

If you're on schedule you will have already left by now but thought I'd drop you a note to wish you all the bet for tomorrow. I hope you have a great run and enjoy the whole experience. I look forward to reading how you get on.