Saturday, 29 December 2007

Running again

Drove up to the top of the Chevin and tried out a short run on soft, slightly undulating terrain. Ran 2m without any discomfort and knee is still feeling ok a few hours later. Really enjoyed getting out and feeling quite positive about the progress.

It's a bit difficult to say for sure if the knee is feeling completely ok or nor. It has been so messed with over the last 2 weeks with taping, removing tape (ouch!) and reapplying tape, masaging, accupuncture, electric shocks, icing etc! That feeling of grinding and swelling has certainly stopped.

I am also feeling the benefits of stretching - something I promise to do on a daily basis from now on!

I will try for 4 miles tomorrow and see how I cope with that. It feels rubbish to run such short distances but I think a softly softly approach is the best way forward. If 4 is ok then I'll run 6 on Monday and increase my mileage on a daily, or 2-day basis.

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