Monday, 17 December 2007

Knee update

Well the knee has been bothering me today and I haven't even run :(

I have booked physio for Thursday just to get some kind of a prognosis and an idea of when I can run again. I am icing it every few hours which helps and warming it before bed. Needless to say it is very frustrating. I had wanted to cycle for a few nights as this doesn't seem to aggrevate it, but my bike is also doing strange things and has been sent to the bike doctor (due back Wed). So it is total rest for today and tomorrow which is hellish.

I'm sure it will all get better, but it does beg the question: What on Earth would I do with my life if I HAD to stop running? Not a pleasant question and one that I hopefully won't have to answer for a number of years!

I'll keep the blog updated!

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