Thursday, 31 January 2008

Windy 6m

Route: 6m, undulating, road
Weather: Very windy, 5C

First proper run in a while now and it felt great. Ran up Leeds road to the top and down to Pool and back to Otley. Wind was so strong that I could hardly run against it on the way back.

I'm loving the SOLE footbeds. Feet seem to be very comfortable at the moment - I even stuck them in my work shoes as I spend quite a bit of time on my feet there too. Would definitiely recommend them. Visit SOLES for more info.

Sole Footbeds

Well my plans have been scuppered again as the bike has its first puncture. I know, I know it's only a puncture, but I just have not got the time to fix it. So I decided to go for a very short run.

I was also trying out a new purchase. I bought myself some new footbeds (kind of supportive insoles). They are made by Soles and are a unique and very clever design. The idea is that you bake them in your oven for a couple of minutes and then pop them into your trainers and hop in! It was all very easy to do and I have to say they felt comfy right from the outset. Ran 2m in them tonight to test them out and they felt good. I'll keep the blog updated as to how they perform on longer runs (hopefully soon!!)

My right foot is still sore on top. Not really sure what it is, but guessing tendonitis of some sort. Will keep taking things easy until it's completely better.

Some photos from the Thames

I finally received my phone/camera back from repair today so I could look at some of the photos I took on the Thames Path race. I think these two sum it up quite well. As you can see, there is the distinct lack of any 'path'!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Cycle - 24m

Route: 24m (or really 2 X 12m), road, flat and hilly
Weather: windy again

Cycled through to Harrogate and stopped for a cup of peppermint tea with my cousin and her partner. Felt good and strong most of the way apart from about 3m from arrival on the first legn when I felt a definite energy low. Fueld up with a Kit Kat before returning home. Once that kicked in, felt good again.

Am trying to alter my diet a bit at the moment as I have been using running as a bit of an excuse for eating whatever and whenever I like. It shouldn't be like that. I am trying to eat hi energy low fat foods wherever possible and also to minimise chocolate which I love (a bit too much!). Overall I think I have a pretty good diet. I don't drink tea or coffee, don't drink alcohol and apart from chocolate have no real vices. I just want to cut out the energy spikes and troughs and try to reach a more consistent energy level. We'll see how it goes.

Foot feels much better today, but am still going to avoid running until next Tuesday (although I was sorely tempted today!)

Saturday, 26 January 2008

cycle - 20m

Route: 20m, road, undulating there, hilly back.
weather: 9C, windy.

Had a really fun, exciting cycle into Leeds tonight, I think setting a speed camera off in Headingly! (tut tut). Not so exciting on the way home as was cycling straight into a head wind. Took 35 mins there and 1 hour on the way home (also took a hillier route home).

Nice to get the legs moving and the heart and lungs working.

Edited to say: How inconsiderate are drivers with cyclists?! Most wouldn't even take the time to turn off high beam when coming towards me.

A new start

Have had a complete week off after the Thames Path disaster. My foot has been sore all week, but I have ruled out a fracture after having an x-ray. Doctor seemed to think it is ligament damage.

Went to town today to have my gait reanalysed as I have been worried that I was over-pronating as a result of the knee injury, but I wasn't. Bought a pair of Saucony shoes, which feel like slippers on. Good cushioning and more space than the Asics.

Am going to have anpther week off running and instead have a week of cycling to give the ligaments and the joints a rest from impact.

Here is my proposed cycling plan for the week ahead:
Tonight: 20m
Sun: 20m
Tue: 15m
Wed: 15m
Thu: 15m
Sat: 30m
Sun: 50m
Mon: Rest
Tue: Back into running

Saturday, 19 January 2008

First DNF :(

Decided to drop out of the Thames 50 today. Was not due to injuries or fitness, but due to the completely dreadful course.

Path was under 2-3 feet of water the whole way. Many people swapped the route for a main road alternative, but I didn't fancy running on the M4 or continuing with the aqua jogging.

Really gutted not to finsish, but I'm a runner not a swimmer!!

Will write more about the course soon.


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Club run 15/01/08

Route: 5m, road, undulating
Weather: 9C, light rain

Ran a steady 5m with the club. No problems to speak of, although I do have a bit of a cough which I am trying to shift. It's not that bad at the moment (apart from when I wake up) but a reduced lung capacity is not ideal for a 50m run! Hopefully it'll be ok by Saturday.

Going to rest completely tomorrow night and run 2m on Thursday. Friday I'll be travelling down to Shepperton in West London where I'm staying before Saturday's event (which finished at the door of the hotel - so if I do manage the distance, I can just keep on running up the stairs and into bed!!) (Obviously after much stretching, physio!)

I'd love to be feeling excited about this run - it should be perfect: my second 50 miler so less pressure, totally flat course, weather can't be worse than Rotherham, finishes at the hotel I'm staying at and it's my birthday, but I'm just feeling very apprehensive. AS I said, worst case scenario, I'll drop out and get a bus back to the beginning!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Pool, Farnley triangle

Route: 7m, mostly road
Weather: 6C, light rain

Last run over 5m before the 50m on Sat. No problems with cardiovascular fitness which is good, although I am obviously running a lot further on Saturday! Knee felt ok running, few very slight twinges tonight, but have iced it as a precaution. As I've mentioned before, I'm not sure how much is in the head and how much is real.

Must think carefully about recovery after the Thames Path on Sat.

IF (and it's a big if!) I manage the distance, then my new improved recovery plan (i.e. not just going out running straight away!) is to stretch properly over the course of the evening and throughout Sunday, ice my knee and foot (which is a persistent niggle) after the event and on Sunday, some light walking on Sunday and Monday, a bike ride on Tuesday, rest on Wed, light run on Thursday, rest on Friday and Saturday and run 6m on Sunday (or something like that). I will listen carefully to the body.

For the race itself, I plan to take it really easy, stopping every 6-10m to stretch if needed and going into it with the philosophy that if things start going badly then to stop. I really can do without a set-back of 4-6 weeks.

Feeling a little apprehensive as I just don't know how the body will hold up. Not really been in this position before and I don't like it!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

start of mini-taper

Route: 5m, road
Weather: wet

Bit of a difficult week really in terms of knowing what to do. Just as I am starting to build the mileage back up again, I am having to knock it down as I have a 50m trail race on Saturday. I have to hope that I have enough residual fitness to manage the 50 and that of course my knee doesn't give up.

Ran 5m today with no problems, although I am still not sure my left knee is 100%.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Club run 10.01.08

Route: 6.5m, road/trail/marsh! bit hilly
Weather: wet n windy

Club run (moonlighters). Ran up Farnley lane, over the fields to Clifton, down through Weston Woods and over the fields to Otley. Great regular route with good banter. Knee felt ok, although I have all kinds of aches and pains. I think this is just from starting running again after the time off. Hope so. Also I am feeling ultra-sensitive at the moment. Any little twinge is a potential nightmare!

Stretched after the run.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

cold cold cycle

Decided to go for a cycle tonight to give the legs a 'rest'. Big mistake! Intended to cycle from Otley out to Blubberhouses, along to Bolton Abbey and back through Ilkley to Otley. When I left, the weather was at worst inclement, but by the time I got to the moor behind Otley, it had taken a turn for the worse. It started to hail and sleet. I got very cold, not having suitable trousers, gloves (no thanks to Ontherun Sports who have been promising to send me the gloves I paid for and ordered over a month ago)and socks.

Got to Blubberhouses (8m) and then had to turn round and come home. By the time Otley came into sight, I was seriously cold. Back home now and thawing out ina down sleeping bag! Haven't been so cold for ages. Stupidly underdressed. Still loved it though!!

Here is my route:

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Club run 08/01/08

Route: 6.5m, road, undulating
weather: windy, hail

Ran with a 'steady' group 6.5 miles round what seems to be the new Winter default route. It used to be a triangle, but after two fatal accidents in two weeks where cars have ended up on the pavement, the route has changed to a 'square'.

Not a perfect run, but good enough. Knee seems to have all but cleared up, but the sore spot on the top of the foot is bothering me a bit. Was concerned that it could be a stress fracture, but after a quick pop in to minor accidents, it seems that stress fractures usually occur on the first and second metatarsals, not where my pain is. The doc said it could be a fracture, so to keep an eye on it. I will.

Getting fed up with injuries.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

13 miles

Route: Road, undulating
Weather: 7C, light breeze

Ran back from the cinema in Leeds tonight (about 13m). Felt fine most of the way and only little twinges at other times. Fitness-wise felt really strong.

Have stretched lots and will stretch some more later.

Salsa Cross Training

Tried a different kind of cross training on Saturday - salsa cross!

My Christmas present to Briony was a day's Salsa dancing down in London. I have to say that dancing is not really my thing and it was more of a concession that I went, but I loved it! Really good fun and an excellent workout. Was totally shattered at the end of it!

Highly recommended!

Snowy runs

Ran two 4.5m runs in Hexham through the week. Knee felt ok and enjoyed being out - especially in the thick snow :)