Sunday, 2 December 2007

Taper plan

On Saturday I will run my first 50m race, so this week I am running a mini-taper. The plan is to run:

M: 4m
T: 6m
W: Rest
Th: 3m
F: 2m
Sa: 50m
Su: Rest

My plan is to then get straight back into the normal training schedule with a weekly plan that looks like this:

M: 2m
T: 7m
W: Rest
Th: 7m
F: Rest
Sa: 10m
Su: 20m

It's all theory, but it's good to have a plan.


John Kynaston said...

Hope your 50mile race goes well on Saturday. Can I offer one bit of advice? Don't rush back to your full training until you feel ready. One of the things this year that I learnt - the hard way -was not giving myself some easy weeks after the long training runs on the whw route and particularly after the Highland Fling in April. For next year I'm determined to try and build in a easier week every month to allow myself to recover and avoid injury. You may be very different and can cope with week after week of high milage but I thought I'd share my thoughts!


Phil Robertson said...

Thank you John. Looking forward to it (I think!)

Thanks for the advice too. I seem to be listening to my body a lot more than usual at the moment which appears to be doing me some good! So I'll just see how it goes next week. I need to be a bit careful as I've got another 50m on 19th Januray so need to get the re-training and re-tapering spot on!

Thanks again