Sunday, 30 September 2007

Not a bad place to run

Weight: 73kg
Backback weight: 3kg
Weather: 15C
Route: 18m, hilly, trail and road, Elevation gain 2370ft

Ran from home today with no real destination in mind - just a GPS watch that needed to say 18+ miles on it by the time I got home again! I headed out of Otley and just kept taking public footpaths as I came across them. Some I knew really well, others I wasn't sure about. I still find it amazing that I keep coming across new routes even though I have run around this area for over three years.

I ran a steady pace of 9min miles, but did feel tired, possibly because of last week's mileage and possibly due to the heavy backpack I took.

I took a camera today too to take a few shots of wherever I ended up:

Looking out towards Almscliffe Crag and the beginning of North Yorkshire.

Me, sweaty, and covered in pesky little black flies, at the Lower Washburn Parish Church.

And at Lindley Wood Reservoir.

And here is the profile of the run:

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