Saturday, 22 September 2007

Great Saturday Morning

Weight: (alarmingly!) 72kg
Backback weight: 2.2kg
Weather: Sunny 13C
Route: 8.5m Road, undulating

Started today with an early morning swim. Swam for an hour and then went for a steady 8.5 mile road run. Slightly concernlingly, I seemed to have lost about 3-4kg this morning, which I guess must be just fluid loss, but I will check later on as this is quite a bit of weight!

Good, easy run 7.5 min/miles.

Applied for the Thames Path Ultra 50 in January today. Will also think about doing the Rotherham 50 in December to give me a taste of distances above 30m (my current highest mileage).

Loads of campers round Otley this morning for the Black Sheep Folk Festival. Will go along and have alook later. Nice to get these w/e runs out of the way early on and then they don't impinge too heavily on time with the family.

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