Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Ilkley Incline

Weight: 75KG
Backpack weight: n/a
Weather: 16C, light wind
Route: tarmac and trail, hilly
Distance: 1 mile uphill race followed by 8 mile trail/run

Ran the Ilkley Incline tonight (organised by Ilkley Harriers). A one mile uphill event. I entered it with a friend thinking 'come on, how bad can a mile be?!'. Bad.
It is a total lung-buster, but lots of fun. I think I snuck in just short of 10 mins.

We then ran back to Otley over beautiful Ilkley Moor, following the last section of the Rombolds Stride, a race in Feb which I will try to do in preparation for the WHWR. Ran a good pace home, especially the penultimate mile as we attempted to catch a lone runner (6.45 mins!) Thanks Helen, for a great run.

Legs are quite sore tonight as I have increased the hilly mileage this week. Club run tomorrow then total rest on Friday :)

Picture courtesy of Ilkley Harriers

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