Saturday, 8 September 2007

Ilkley Moor

Weight: 75kg
Backpack weight: 2.2kg
Weather: 19C
Route: 5m (walk) 5m(run), track, hilly

We all walked from Burley Woodhead to White Wells today, and then the girls hopped on the bus and I ran back across the moor. It was a beautiful day for running and the only thing which took the shine off the whole thing was the fantastic fall I had descending the moor at Burley Woodhead - right in front of two bemused walkers! I followed the golden rules under these circumstances: don't make eye contact, dust yourself off and run even faster than you were running before! This is no time to assess injuries! As it happened, all I had was a bit of a sprained thumb.

Slightly shorter route than planned today and conservatively run in view of tomorrow's 'Exterminator' fell run.

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