Thursday, 6 September 2007

Comedy Vegetables

Weekly Mileage: 37m
Weight: 75KG
Backpack weight: n/a
Weather: 17C
Route: 6m, Trail

Nice steady run with the club tonight. Beautiful evening for running. Enjoyed the last run of the week before tomorrow's rest day. I'm looking forward to resting the legs before the longer w/e runs.

Also...I won a prize! Didn't hang around for the prizegiving as was running home, but was given the beautiful marrow pictured below as a spot prize in last night's Ilkley Incline! I am very proud of this my first ever running prize!


Anonymous said...

Alright fella!
Sounds as though you are doing well! Although I'm guessing your teaching is going down hill rapidly!!
I am currently debating sponsoring you but not quite sure if the challenge is hard enough!! I am currently thinking about entering a much tougher race..... the abbey dash! If anybody is interested training is going well- 2 runs this week for half an hour!!!

Keep trying son.

Laters Jonathan

Phil Robertson said...

Running to the bakers doesn't count mate. Thanks for the message!