Sunday, 9 September 2007


Weight: 75kg
Backpack Weight: 2.2KG
Weather: 18C
Route: 16m, fell, trail and road

I had a disastrous start to this race! I had decided late last night to abandon this race as I couldn't find some of the kit I needed for it. About 8.30 this morning, however, the missing kit was found and I decided to drive down to Totley to have a go at this AL category Fell Race.

The journey should have taken a little over an hour, but I managed to hit everything from wide loads to road closures for a road race in Sheffield.

So I arrived in Totley to hear the race organiser setting off the runners - and I hadn't even registered yet! I had also forgotten to go the bank to get money to pay for my was a disastrous start! The kind Totley ladies let me enter if I promised to send a cheque (which is in the post!) so I quickly changed and set off up the hill to the trig point in last place, 8 minutes behind the sweeper!

I'm not sure whether it was adrenalin, or if it was the absence of pressure from knowing I couldn't place as high up as usual, but I had a brilliant run. The 16 miles and 4000ft of fell and trail slipped by and I finished the race strongly and ready for more. Not sure of my final place/time, but as this was a 'training' race I'm not really bothered. I'm more concerened with how the legs felt after that kind of climb/distance, and they felt fine.

Really enjoyed the race - thanks a lot Totley AC!

Stanage edge (below) was just one of the beautiful sights on this race:

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