Saturday, 5 April 2008

Training on the Wuthering Hike

I have planned to run a 30 mile long run tomorrow and I am thinking about running the route of last month's Wuthering Hike. I have emailed the race organiser to check that the whole route is publicly accessible all the time. My only concerns are:

  • Weather. It's forecast to be 2C and heavy snow showers tomorrow.
  • Route. Easy enough to find when there are 200 other folk out there shuffling along, but on my own in bad weather??
  • Nutrition. There are a number of checkpoints which provide food and drink along the race route. These obviously won't be available on a training run.

These 'glitches' can be overcome however. There's no such thing as bad weather only unsuitable clothing. I know the forecast, sol I can deal with that. I have done the race twice now so should be able to find the route ok. I have a map and a compass! I could leave a drop bag at the half way point containing food, fluid and warm dry clothes/change of shoes.

Think I might go for it.

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