Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fluid loss test

Tried to work out my rate of fluid loss today (or put less nicely, my 'sweat rate'!)

I weighed myself before exercise and was 164.4lb (74.57kg)

I then exercised for exactly one hour over a hilly multi-terrain course at a reasonable intensity.

I removed running gear and dried myself and weighed in at 162.2lb (73.57kg)

There was therefore a fluid loss of 2.2lb or just about exactly 1kg.

This means that I should be aiming to take on board 35.2 ounces of fluid or just over 1 litre of water for every hour's running.

Current thinking seems to suggest that runners are guided by thirst rather than some pre-conceived idea of their sweat loss, however it is good to have an idea of roughly how much fluid I should be looking to have available/take on during the various legs of the WHWR.

What I have learned:
  • During cool weather, carrying a 1.5kg backpack, over a hilly multi-terrain course, excercising at a reasonable intensity, my fluid-loss rate is roughly 1 litre per hour.

The run itself was fun - Chevin run with one cracking hailstorm - ouch!

I will repeat this test during warmer weather to see what difference that makes, and also repeat it running at a much lesser intensity (nearer to race pace for the WHWR).

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