Sunday, 20 April 2008

4m taper

Route: 4m, road, 2m uphill, 2m down.
Weather: A pleasant 8C

Yet another late run tonight as busy today. Ran my planned 4m taper run up to the bar-house and back. Enjoyed it as I hadn't actually been out the house today!

My left knee (the old problem!) is twinging a bit this week. Noticed it after taking the girls swimming earlier in the week. It doesn't feel bad but it will be good to rest it for the rest of the week (apart from a short run on Wed). Think I am over-sensitive to any niggle in the run up to the Fling.

Thanks to all those people who have sponsored me over the weekend - I'm nearing 75% of my target now.

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Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Thanks for checking out our blog. Good luck this weekend, Tanya and I had a great run Saturday. We would love to run an ultra in the UK. Oneday.