Sunday, 6 April 2008

Aborted Wuthering Run

Decided to go for it this morning. Up and out by 5.30 and running from Hawarth at 6am. The temperature on the car thermometer read -5C in Haworth and I reckon it dipped another 4 or 5 C by the time I reached Top Withens, up on the moor. There was loads of snow and ice and running was tricky, but ok. I was enjoying the run and being out in such clear conditions, but the big problem was navigation in the snow. I'm not the world's best navigator and the snow made things really tricky. This made for slow going and by Widdup reservoir I decided to call it a day. I just couldn;t remember or work out which track to take from Widdup and I was getting very cold and making very slow progress. Not too disheartened as I had had a 20m run by the time I got back to Haworth in difficult conditions and felt like I'd had a good work out.

Things I learned:

  • Must insulate the pipe from my platypus as it was completely frozen!
  • I'm not brilliant at navigating, especially in the snow!
  • Pretzels don't enjoy being frozen!


  • I enjoyed a good 20m fell run.
  • A helly and my OMM waterproof were perfectly adequate for temps down to -10c.
  • Felt strong and full of energy throughout.

I also made a friend. He followed for ages!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a very nice friend you've got there.

from Beth