Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Good News!

I planned to run the Highland Fling on Saturday on my own (i.e. without support). Tonight I had the brain wave that perhaps top-lad Craig (WHW support in June) might like to come up to Glasgow with me and be my support for the day.

I am delighted to say he has agreed, so I will be supported throughout. Whilst not essential for a 54m race (I have done this distance unsupported) it makes life SO much easier. It means I can take changes of tops and other items like warm food, spare vaseline etc etc. It means I can take less fluid on the first section through to Drymen and perhaps most importantly it gives Craig (who will be supporting me on the entire WHWR attempt in June) a chance to get to know the road route and the meeting places.

Really pleased at this great news - Cheers Craig!


Phil Robertson said...

John Kynaston writes:

Hi Phil

That is good news. I'm sure your support will find it really helpful as well. Now you have no excuse not to break 11hrs!!

The Tired One said...

It will be my pleasure and as you say a chance to get to know a bit of the route.

Thomas said...

Hi Phil,
thanks for your comment on my Blog, seems everything looks ok for you. See you at the Fling!