Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Last run before The Fling

Route: 5m, few hills, trail
Weather: Cracking!

Ran the last run before Saturday's race and it was good to get the legs moving. I was also keen to try out how the foot would cope after it giving me some pain this week. It was fine, although I could feel the affected muscle/tendon.

After yesterday's good news (Craig coming to provide support)I got the bad news that my school will be inspected on Monday - not sure if a 54m race is the best preparation for it, but it'll certainly take my mind of things! Lots of paperwork before I head off on Friday!

Anyway, looking forward to the run and to meeting a few other WHWRers.

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Oswald said...

weiter so, deine Seite gefällt mir einfach. Wieso gibst nicht drei Anzeigen von Google auf deine Seite? Liebe Grüße Oswald