Sunday, 18 November 2007

Little Bug

Have had a few days off since Tuesday as I have had a little stomach bug or something. Felt it was better to rest and recover fully than to push myself and end up being out of action for a longer time. What's that? A sensible, mature approach to training?! Surely not!!

I did have a good chat to Paul Tranter who lives close to me and has finished the WHWR before (and is running this year). He gave me some useful tips on pace, support locations, kit-list etc. Great to get that inside info when you're a first-timer. Paul will also be running the Marathon de Sables next in 2008 for Facing Africa. Have a look at his homepage: Paul's Desert 'Marathon'

I will be trying to keep up with Paul for as much of the Rotherham Boundary 50 on December 8th.

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