Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Fast Menston Triangle

Route: 8.5m, road, undulating/hilly
weather: cold, clear, light breeze

Ran with one other club member round the Menston triangle (not quite Bermuda - an 8.5 mile hilly-ish road route). Ran a quickish pace, probably averaging between 7 and 7.30 min miles (didn't wear a watch). Enjoyed it very much and recovered quickly. John (who I ran with) is also keen to join me for 20 miles in two Sunday's time which is great. Next Sunday for the long run I am at my Brother-in-Law's in Warwickshire so I will head up to Draycote Reservoir and do a few laps (I will run the Draycote 35 there in Feb). Might even attempt the full 35 if things feel ok then taper down over the next two Sundays for the Rotherham 50 on 9th December. Sounds like a plan. Scary.

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