Sunday, 4 November 2007

Boredom Training

(Edited to say that it was only the 2md loop that counted as boredom training - the comapny was very good on the first lap!!)

Route: 20m, road, hilly
Weather: Another great November day!

Ran 2 X Otley 10s back to back. I ran the first one with someone from the club who wanted to know the route. We ran this at an avergae of 9min/miles. Ran the second one alone at an average pace of 8.20 min/miles.

I decided to run 2 hilly loops to get used to being bored while running. In a 24+ hour race there must be moments of boredom.

Anyway, at the end of the run I felt good and strong - probably could have run another loop. I didn't though :)

I must get new road shoes this week as mine are in a dreadful state and my feet are starting to get sore - something they only do when I need to change my shoes.

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