Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sole Footbeds

Well my plans have been scuppered again as the bike has its first puncture. I know, I know it's only a puncture, but I just have not got the time to fix it. So I decided to go for a very short run.

I was also trying out a new purchase. I bought myself some new footbeds (kind of supportive insoles). They are made by Soles and are a unique and very clever design. The idea is that you bake them in your oven for a couple of minutes and then pop them into your trainers and hop in! It was all very easy to do and I have to say they felt comfy right from the outset. Ran 2m in them tonight to test them out and they felt good. I'll keep the blog updated as to how they perform on longer runs (hopefully soon!!)

My right foot is still sore on top. Not really sure what it is, but guessing tendonitis of some sort. Will keep taking things easy until it's completely better.

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