Saturday, 26 January 2008

A new start

Have had a complete week off after the Thames Path disaster. My foot has been sore all week, but I have ruled out a fracture after having an x-ray. Doctor seemed to think it is ligament damage.

Went to town today to have my gait reanalysed as I have been worried that I was over-pronating as a result of the knee injury, but I wasn't. Bought a pair of Saucony shoes, which feel like slippers on. Good cushioning and more space than the Asics.

Am going to have anpther week off running and instead have a week of cycling to give the ligaments and the joints a rest from impact.

Here is my proposed cycling plan for the week ahead:
Tonight: 20m
Sun: 20m
Tue: 15m
Wed: 15m
Thu: 15m
Sat: 30m
Sun: 50m
Mon: Rest
Tue: Back into running

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