Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Club run 15/01/08

Route: 5m, road, undulating
Weather: 9C, light rain

Ran a steady 5m with the club. No problems to speak of, although I do have a bit of a cough which I am trying to shift. It's not that bad at the moment (apart from when I wake up) but a reduced lung capacity is not ideal for a 50m run! Hopefully it'll be ok by Saturday.

Going to rest completely tomorrow night and run 2m on Thursday. Friday I'll be travelling down to Shepperton in West London where I'm staying before Saturday's event (which finished at the door of the hotel - so if I do manage the distance, I can just keep on running up the stairs and into bed!!) (Obviously after much stretching, physio!)

I'd love to be feeling excited about this run - it should be perfect: my second 50 miler so less pressure, totally flat course, weather can't be worse than Rotherham, finishes at the hotel I'm staying at and it's my birthday, but I'm just feeling very apprehensive. AS I said, worst case scenario, I'll drop out and get a bus back to the beginning!


Anonymous said...

Phil, just caught up with your blog. Funnily enough I've had an identical knee problem after RRR, though I haven't done the physio thing yet as it seems to be on the mend. I know 2 other RRR runners with post race knee/foot/hip problems as well. A tough race!
Good luck on Saturday.

Paul said...


Good luck on Saturday, I hope the run goes well and that the knee holds out.