Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Club run 08/01/08

Route: 6.5m, road, undulating
weather: windy, hail

Ran with a 'steady' group 6.5 miles round what seems to be the new Winter default route. It used to be a triangle, but after two fatal accidents in two weeks where cars have ended up on the pavement, the route has changed to a 'square'.

Not a perfect run, but good enough. Knee seems to have all but cleared up, but the sore spot on the top of the foot is bothering me a bit. Was concerned that it could be a stress fracture, but after a quick pop in to minor accidents, it seems that stress fractures usually occur on the first and second metatarsals, not where my pain is. The doc said it could be a fracture, so to keep an eye on it. I will.

Getting fed up with injuries.

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