Saturday, 19 January 2008

First DNF :(

Decided to drop out of the Thames 50 today. Was not due to injuries or fitness, but due to the completely dreadful course.

Path was under 2-3 feet of water the whole way. Many people swapped the route for a main road alternative, but I didn't fancy running on the M4 or continuing with the aqua jogging.

Really gutted not to finsish, but I'm a runner not a swimmer!!

Will write more about the course soon.



Brian Mc said...

2-3 feet of water? Is the course next to a canal or river?

I see you are a Yorkshireman - are you thinking of running the ~30 mile Wuthering Hike in mid march? It starts at Hebdon Bridge.

Phil Robertson said...

Hi Brian

The course ran along the Thames Path. Unfortunately the Thames had burst its banks between Reading and London. You could just see the tops of benches between above the water line.

I don't want to rubbish the race as I know lots of people found it to be a great day, I just don't like wading. I also thought it was quite dangerous, but just my opinion.

I did the W.H last year and thoroughly enjoyed (!) it. I do plan to do it again this year - you?