Saturday, 26 January 2008

cycle - 20m

Route: 20m, road, undulating there, hilly back.
weather: 9C, windy.

Had a really fun, exciting cycle into Leeds tonight, I think setting a speed camera off in Headingly! (tut tut). Not so exciting on the way home as was cycling straight into a head wind. Took 35 mins there and 1 hour on the way home (also took a hillier route home).

Nice to get the legs moving and the heart and lungs working.

Edited to say: How inconsiderate are drivers with cyclists?! Most wouldn't even take the time to turn off high beam when coming towards me.

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Phil Robertson said...

A message from Rick:

I see your plan to raise money for Epilepsy, I think it is a very noble thing you are doing. I have a wife and a son with Epilepsy. My son's has gone into remission and does require med's but my wife needs lots of pills to stop the siezures. Luckily she leds a fairly normal life, except the med's keep her tired. I have been to Doctors office hundreds of times and can see how it can be dibilitating. My point is thanks for supporting a good cause in the UK (I used to live there).
Cheers Rick

Thanks for the message and all the best to you and your family.