Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kit list for tomorrow

Just about to write a kitlist for tomorrow so I thought I might aswell write it here:

Here is the forecast for tomorrow, and looking out of my window (even though I'm 2 hours away) it looks about right.

Montrail Hardrock shoes
Shorts and running tights
2 pairs socks
map, case, compass, GPS (sorry orienteers - I hate being lost!), whislte
Macpac backpack
hat, buff
2 X helly
lightweight and thicker waterproof, waterproof trousers
emergency blanket
water (platypus) and food
ipod (sorry running purists!)
wallet, phone.

dry change of clothes, towell, flask.

Plan is to be out by 5am and hopefully running by 7, round by 12 and home by 2ish.

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