Sunday, 7 October 2007

Reduced long run

Route: 16.5 miles, road, fell and trail, flat, undulating and hilly (everything really!)
Weather: 18C, sunny

As I'd already had a week of reduced mileage due to last Monday's niggle, I decided to give myself a generally lower mileage week. That said, I did have a testing 16.5 mile multi-terrain run. I ran an average pace of 8.53 min/mile which is still a lot quicker than I'd like, but I'm finding it hard to slow it down.

On the early road section today I fell. Not just a stumble, but a full-on, arms flailing, cartoon style splat. About 6 cars (none of which stopped to check I wasn't dead!) must have had a right good laugh. No real damage done except a bit of bark taken off the hands and my right hip. And a very bruised ego. I think if you'd measured initial fall to point of landing, it would have been a Jonathan Edwards style gold medal winning effort!

Got a very sore throat tonight and my Mum is arriving from Scotland tomorrow evening, so swimming tomorrow night might have to be postponed. Will gargle some TCP (yum) and see what happens.

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