Friday, 3 October 2008

No Long Mynd

It's with great disappointment that I have withdrawn from the Long Mynd Hike. The stomach upset I have been having has intensified so much that I can't even work today. Can't really expect my body to go through 50 hilly miles over the weekend.

So I thought it was better to let the race organisers know today that my place can be reallocated.

I am desperately upset to miss this event, but health comes first I suppose.

Perhaps I will try a solo run of the route later in the year.

I am going to stop running for the next week and work hard on getting my stomach sorted.



Chris said...

Sorry to read that you've had to pull out of the weekend's race. Get well soon ... I hope the problem isn't too bad.

Paul said...

Hi Phil,

Disappointing to drop out I know, but better thean ruuning when ill. I entered the 9 Edges race last Saturday (20 miles of gritstone edges in the Peak - fantastic route) but ended up in hospital after about 17 miles! I think I was still carrying my cold and became increasingly breathless and fatigued - shallow breathting chest pain convinced Edale Mountain Rescue to evacuate me to Chesterfield Royal.

All OK, but still struggling to shift this cold so no Great North run for me today, or Royal Parks next week, but hoping to be fit for the Coventry Half in two weeks time.

Hope you recover soon.


Phil Robertson said...

Oh no Paul - that's awful. Must have been scary for you. I think if I had started the Long Mynd, I might have ended up in hosiptal too. Whilst it is deeply disappoiting to miss a race you have worked hard for, I feel sure that I made absolutely the right decision this weekend.