Sunday, 5 October 2008

Good decision

Well, although painful, yesterday's decision not to run was a wise one. I rested all day Saturday and felt somewhat better by Saturday evening. I have felt ok today so tried a run this afternoon. Intended to run through to Ilkley and back as it's such a beautiful day, but I could not even have managed that. I plodded round a hilly 7m course and felt pretty tired the whole way. Also my stomach felt uncomfortable as it has for the last three weeks on and off. The tiredness I think is due to the fact that I am definitely calorie deficient at the moment, being wary of eating too much or things that might upset my stomach. I am losing weight pretty fast which was not my intention (down to 71.8 kg this morning - that's a loss of 4 kg in 3 weeks)

Will head back to the doctors tomorrow as the last visit was a complete waste of time (was seen by one of those doctors that had the prescription pad in hand before you've even sat down!)

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