Monday, 6 October 2008

Better run

Although my stomach is still not right, today was a much better day. Ran a pleasant 6m run with one decent hill round the Pool loop. Not quite as tired as I've managed to eat a bit more today.

Seeing Doc on Thurs so hopefully can get back on track as soon as possible. Paul Tranter and I are planning on having a go at the Long Mynd together on 22nd November. Need to be on top form again by then (RR50 3 weeks after too!)


Steve said...

Phil, I hope you sort out that stomach problem soon. My wife has been dealing with the same thing the past 2+ weeks and it's very frustrating. Here's to your health and quick recovery!

Phil Robertson said...

Thanks so much Steve. It really is a frustrating condition. I am convinced it must be a stomach ulcer, but will wait to see what the doc says.

Best wished to your wife.