Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Route: 10m, hilly, road
Weather: dry for once and windy

Decided aginst running tonight as the muscle I tweaked yesterday has been a bit tender today, although it feels fine tonight. I figure that after giving my body such a pounding recently I need to listen to it and not push it for a while.

That said, I enjoyed a vigorous 10m cycle round the Otley 10 route tonight. Not far, but hilly and my heart rate was certainly up high for much of it.

I think one of these intense cycles per week could really help my cardio fitness.

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Steve said...

Phil, cycling is a great way to cross train and use other leg muscles that you don't use as much while running. Not only that, it's easy on the knees and can help develop leg speed. I really need to get out on my bike more often too. I used to do a bit of racing in my younger years and still love to ride.