Monday, 21 July 2008

Tentative 08-09 Season Plan

Been thinking about which races I could reasonably go for in 2008/2009. This is the list I have come up with so far, subject of course to training, injuries and race acceptance:

September: A Coventry Way (40m)
October: Long Mynd Hike (50m)
December: Round Rotherham (50m)
February: Draycote Water (35m)
March: Wuthering Hike (33m)
March: Manx Mountain Marathon (31m)
April: Highland Fling (54m)
June: West Highland Way race (95m)
August: Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc (103m)

A feast of ultra races! It will be interesting to see how many of them I can achieve. It would be good run as many of these as possible but not necessarily race them all.

Also this year I'm going to make more use of the Three Peaks in my training, aiming to run the route a few times before the long summer races. I also aim to use the local hills for walking practice, aiming to do a quick ascent of the Chevin once a day during the week.

All great ideas, but will I be able to stick to them??!


Brian Mc said...

A pretty challenging schedule - I'd probably cut it down a bit. This year has been my heaviest ultra year to date and I only think I've managed it injury free because I've left a reasonable gap between them, have mixed up short and longer ultras and amn't planning on a year round schedule.

My ultra schedule this year has been / is:

Wuthering Hike (March)
Highland Fling (April)
Marlborough Downs Challenge (May)
West Highland Way (June)
Devil o Highlands (August)
High Peak 40 (September)

Then, excepting some half marathons, 10ks and the OMM, I plan to rest till next March ultra wise.

Like the enthusiasm though!

See you at the High Peak 40?

Phil Robertson said...

Thanks for the advice Brian. You're probably right, however I'm not intending to race many of these, more running them with a view to training.