Monday, 1 September 2008

Two Short Runs

Set out to do a ten miler yesterday and could barely manage four. Had to eat wild blackberries to give me the energy to get home! Not had this happen for a while...can only put it down to post-cycle fatigue. Unpleasant, but not too worried really.

Tonight I kept the mileage low, but did some good hillwork. Ran about 3 miles of hilly trail at high intensity. Still felt very tired. Think I'm in for a rude awakening on Saturday!! At least Paul Tranter, my running partner on Saturday, says he's not been doing great mileage either. Hope he's telling the truth!!

I'm sure it will come together for Saturday, at least just to get round, but am not running well at the moment. One thing I need to do is drop my weight down somewhat. I am currently edging 80kg which is just too heavy. I would like to be nearer 68kg. I think that is about my ideal race weight. Some work to do then!

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