Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ice baths just aren't the same

Ran a short but hilly trail run with the club tonight of about 4 miles. Heavy rain made the trails more like rivers in some places, but I enjoyed the run out. Legs felt pretty much OK which is good news only two days after a 40 miles pounding. Ran in my new Montrail Hardrocks which I have to say feel amazingly comfy.

To help alleviate the few niggles I have (particularly in my front ankle ligaments) I had an ice bath tonight. One of the least pleasant experiences of my life, but did really seem to help the painful bits. Might do this more often after very long runs.

I think the ankles are particularly sore due to the unusual movements of the feet during ACW on Sunday. Road shoes and slurry make for some pretty slippy conditions and lots of additional stresses on the ankles.

Got to focus on a plan to get me through Long Mynd now. Going to start my getting and studying the map - navigation not being my strong point!


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