Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ilkley Incline

Tonight I had the 'pleasure' of joining 70 other loons to run the 1 mile (yes 1 mile!) uphill fell race organised by Ilkley Harriers.

It is a torturous race of pure uphill running...

I had not really given it the respect it deserved having done a heavy hill-rep session last night and cycling the 6m flat out from otley to get to the start. Needless to say the legs were lead-like, the lungs were burning and the thought of just giving up and lying in the heather half way up was ever-tempting.

I did finish, but I fear this year was slower than last year's 10:17. We'll see tomorrow when the time's are published. Won't be too disappointed as I really didn't prepare well for this one, but it's never nice to run a race worse than the year before. Edit - just read 10:27 :( 10 seconds slower than last year. I'll put it down to Hugh's hill reps!!

Nice 6m cycle home though!

No more serious running until Sunday's 40m now.

This morning's weight 75.8 Kg

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