Thursday, 28 February 2008

Moonlight run

Route: 6m+, trail, hilly
Weather: 6C, clear

Ran with Hugh and Chris from Otley AC up Jonny Lane to surprose view, round a Chevin loop, across into Danefield and a boundary loop back onto East Chevin Road. Quick pace but managed ok. Legs feeling a bit tired, but mainly due to increased mileage this week (45m).

Looking forward to sitting still on a train for an hour or so tomorrow on my way to a language conference in Manchester, followed by an evening's rest.


Anonymous said...

Caught up with your blog phil - good to see you've shaken off the injuries. Laughing 'cos yet again I had the same sort of foot sprain after trying to dodge a zigzagging rambler on kinder scout - and rolling a boulder! Cycling worked a treat for me knee wise, after about 4 weeks went back to running & key indicators hadn't changed at all. STEVE M (RRR landlord!!)

Phil Robertson said...

Good to hear from you Steve. Have heard a lot of people saying that cycling helps that particular injury - think it's something to do with inner knee and thigh muscles being under-developed and cycling helps to address that. Don't know really but enjoying being injury free just now! Glad to hear you're running well again too.

Catch up with you no doubt.