Sunday, 3 February 2008


Route: 10m, road, mostly undulating with some hills.
Weather: 6C

First training run of any distance in 2008 so quite pleased. Ran a steady 10m (1h20m)on a reasonably hilly route, although all still on road.

No knee pain at all, and although I had some foot pain during the latter miles, it feels fine now an hour later.

Fitness wise, felt quite strong, especially from about 6m when I settled into a rhythm.

A big thanks to Wendy for the sponsorship today - first person of 2008 and really nice to get the total of the 61% mark, where it's been stagnating for a few weeks. It's going to need a real push between now and June, but I'm totally confident that I can reach the £1000 target for Epilepsy Action.

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