Sunday, 1 June 2008

Last Long Run!

Route: 25m, road, flat, undulating and hilly!
Weather: 13C, very wet

Despite a complete lack of motivation, I set out on my last long run before I begin to taper down for the big event. My longest run will now be 12m.

Really didn't feel like spending close to 4 hours in the torrential rain today, but the thought of this being my last long run spurred me on. Felt uninspired about an off-road route, so decided to just do a Leeds circuit. Ran over the Chevin to Guiseley, along to Rawdon, Horsforth, Kirkstall and Leeds city. Then came home via Headingly, Lawnswood, Adel and Bramhope.

Felt good until about 18 miles, after which point I felt really tired. After counting up the miles this week, it's no wonder. This represents my toughest week to date with two 20m+ runs, a 40 mile cycle and two short sharp 5 milers. That mileage is about exactly the mileage I'll have to do in 35 hours in less than 3 weeks time - all on foot and all over rough terrain and without sleep. No panic attack though, just a feeling of determination that I can do this.

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Brian Mc said...

Hi Phil - I've tagged you. Check out my blog to find out how to respond.

See you in less than 3 weeks. :-)