Saturday, 7 June 2008

5m taper

Route: 5m, road and trail, hilly
Weather: Really muggy

Not been feeling myself today and yesterday so went for a run to see if that would sort me out. Ran a short 5m taper up to the Bar House and back through the Chevin. Felt ok but not 100%. Went out for a meal at the excellent Cheerful Chilli and ate about a gazillion calories.

Still feeling a bit less than 100%, but an early night should sort things.


Patti said...

Okay, Phil. Now I'm totally invested in your run. Hope your knee feels better and you are settling into a taper. These weeks before a race can feel terrible, but it doesn't take away the work you've put in. Good luck!

Phil Robertson said...

Yes it's the taper season - imaginary niggles, boredom from -not running, self-doubt etc!!

No, it's going ok really. Knee's feeling ok too thanks!