Monday, 17 March 2008

Mental Training

Route: 4m, trail, hilly
Weather: 3C, still and crisp

Headed out with the headtorch tonight for a recovery run. Nearly turned back at the top of the road as I just didn't feel like it. Decided to carry on though as I thought it would be good mental training. There'll undoubtedly be times during the WHWR when I'll think of chucking in the towel and it's vital that I have the psychological edge to overcome these doubts.

So ran up in the woods on trail terrain, falling once but managing to avoid the jagged rocks (somehow totally unscathed!) and stopping for an uncharachteristic scramble up some boulders half way.

Nice to get out in the end and the legs felt strong and pain-free two days after the Wuthering Hike which is a good recovery.

Went to look for my results today and noticed I'd been missed off (again!), but Brett (the organiser) kindly rectified this for me. I came 94th with a time of 5h 46m 53s.


Andy Cole said...

Hi Phil,

Just looked at the WH results - if I'd known you were barely 2mins ahead I'd have got a move on!! Good day out, great to meet you.

Cheers, Andy

Phil Robertson said...

Hi Andy,

Not sure how I finished ahead of you actually. I thought I was behind coming towards the end. Maybe I fnished via a different route?! Anyway, an enjoyable run and good to meet you.

Paul said...

Good result Phil and, if you don't suffer any moments of wanting to pack it all in, lie down and go to sleep on the WHW then there must be something wrong with you!

The reason for all this interminable training is exactly as you describe!

Marco Consani said...

Jeezo Phil, I was still trying to walk and you are away on a run. Well done and good to meet you on Saturday. see you soon.

Phil Robertson said...

Cheers Marco,

Yeah seem to have recovered ok cheers. Catchya soon.