Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Back in the saddle

Route: 9m, undulating, road
Weather: 1C, clear

Having a really bad run like on Sunday can knock your confidence a bit and I was feeling a little hesitant about my run tonight. I had intended to do hill reps with Hugh, but as another club member was heading off to do 9m on his own, I thought I'd tag along for company. We both made the usual noises about a 'steady' run etc etc at the start, but it was anything but steady. Really pushed all the way tonight, running somewhere close to 7m miles I think. I wish I had had my GPS as I would like to know the exact average, but it is still out of action. Anyway, a good workout and a really enjoyable run in perfect running conditions. I'm off to enjoy the endorphins now!

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