Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wow...3.5 years later!

It's over three years since I have run. I tried a few times to run over that time, but all attempts resulted in limping home after 2 or 300m with knee pain. Happily since then I have fallen in love with cycling. This has both kept me fit and allowed me to get out into the hills for some freedom. But I have missed running. Recently at the gym, I have tried a few treadmill runs (something I hate) just 'to see' and it has felt OK. So today I bit the bullet and ran about two miles on road again just 'to see'! Felt great. No knee pain at all. Ridiculously out of condition as cycling uses different muscles, but it felt good! It was hard not to run at my old pace (which for the moment is entirely unsustainable!) but once I settled down and accepted it would have to be a jog (!) then all went OK. I think I will reinstate this blog. Not in the hope of returning to ultra-marathon running - that boat has left the harbour - but just in the hope of one day being able to pop out into the hills and run 5-10 miles without worrying about knees. That would do me nicely! Right - think I'll go for a cycle now! Who'd have thought this would one day be a little victory?! :)

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