Thursday, 30 August 2007

That dreaded first training run

Weight: 77kg
Backpack Weight: 2.2kg
Weather: 18C
Route: Trail, 5 miles, hilly

Although I have run every night this week, this was the first one that I considered to be part of a schedule. The symbolism of this changes the feel of the run completely. I started this long journey with a gentle 5 mile run up the hill behind my house. Despite being in reasonably good shape over the summer, I am feeling very tired after cycling from Newcastle to Edinburgh with some friends (see pic below). My legs were not very pleased with me at all. Huffed and puffed up the hill and felt generally horrid, then got into a good rhythm on the flat and the downhill. This is supposed to be the 'assessment phase' and one thing for sure is that I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.

I am a good bit heavier than my fighting weight of around 70kg due to the delicious food in Croatia and the amazing pies in Melrose on the way to Edinburgh (yum!) but that will come off once this schedule kicks in (I hope).

Overall a bit daunted, but glad to have run. Seem a shame that tomorrow's a rest day, but I have vowed to make Friday's the most sacred of all the days!


John Kynaston said...

Congratulations on beng accepted for next year's whw race. And for starting a blog to record your training. I really found it helpful writing my blog and I'm continuing with it for next years race. Hope to see you around.


Phil Robertson said...

Thanks a lot John - I look forward to meeting you sometime.